Estate Planning Services Help Avoid Probate in California

Did you know that all of the property you have acquired in your name that are present at your time of death are subject to probate?  Additionally, if you are married or in another community property relationship, half of your community property is also subject to probate.  But there are ways to avoid probate, and avoid hiring an expensive estate probate attorney.

Under California law, almost any asset that you own can be placed in a living trust.   Property, money in the bank, cars, boats, and other valuable possessions can be held in a living trust. Here on this website, you can create a trust document (you would be the named trustee) that names a “successor” trustee who, upon your death, takes over as trustee.  Keep Your Money, Avoid Probate and Expensive Tax PaymentsIf you don’t  take the steps in advance to avoid probate in California, none of your beneficiaries can take ownership of your property without probate occurring.

When you go to fill out the forms (begin with a simple click), please follow the steps below to create a trust which will help you avoid probate.  If you run into any questions, just contact us and we will help you go through the steps.   We are actual, live people who will help, with decades of experience, but our forms system will do all of the work.  You probably won’t need us at all!

  1. List and name beneficiaries on each account that will allow it.
  2. Establish a Trust into which you leave your property and assets that may be transferred at the time of death.
  3. Set up accounts/property to be held jointly so that they are transferred to the other party on death. By establishing joint ownership of your property with right of survivorship, you may avoid probate as the title to that property is transferred to the surviving owner.  Be sure to check with your state about the difference between ‘Tenancy by the Entireties’ and ‘Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship’, which may apply only to married couples.

Use EstateLDA’s Services to Avoid Using An Expensive Estate Probate Attorney

Probate may be required when a person passes away and leaves unassigned assets. For example, money in a bank account to which the deceased was the sole account holder.  In this situation, the financial institution may ask for a grant of probate before they will release the funds to the executor.  Avoiding probate with EstateLDA may be very affordable and simple.  If you can avoid paying a California probate lawyer, by all means do it!

The Benefits of Making a Trust Help You Avoid Probate In California At EstateLDA we often reflect on the importance of setting up these protections for your family, loved ones, heirs and beneficiaries.   Just using the California estate planning tools we provide for you, and spending a short (and focused) time on our website can help you and your loved ones avoid one of the most costly and often unpredictable processes related to a person’s passing.

Remember: probate often comes into play often when:

  • no will exists
  • a valid will exists with assets over a certain threshold
  • a will has mistakes or is fraudulently executed

Advanced Estate Planning is the Key

As always, when in doubt, consult a qualified estate probate attorney or a California probate lawyer.   Estate planning and probate are subjects to be taken seriously.  Advanced estate planning is the key. While we often work with and for estate probate attorneys, EstateLDA should not replace your attorney. Check out this video we prepared to give you a general bit of background as to how we can help.

Contact us today with any questions, or begin with our easy to complete legal forms. We are here to help you avoid probate and offer you the California estate planning tools that will provide the peace of mind you and your loved ones deserve.